Wills & Probate


•    There is no obligation on anyone to make a will. If you die without having made a will, your Estate will be distributed according to the laws of Intestacy.

•    However, if you want to have control over who inherits all or part of your Estate on your passing you should always consider making a will. It is considered particularly important to make a will where you have become married, if have children, if you own property, or if you become legally separated or Divorced. In that regard, it is important to note that while marriage revokes a prior will, Divorce or Legal Separation does not necessarily do so.  

•    Making a will allows you to specifically provide for your loved ones and to make specific gifts or bequests to particular people or organisations. It also introduces certainty as to what your wishes are and, subject to certain pre-requisites in terms of the requirements for a valid will, gives legal effect to such wishes. 

•    In the event of any major change in your circumstances or property you should review your will with your solicitor. 

•    We can provide clear, practical advice in relation to how your wishes should be expressed in the will and draft will to provide you with peace of mind for the future.

•    The following is a helpful link for further general information in relation to the making of a Will, see Citzens_Information_site


Administration of Estates
•    Depending on whether a loved one has made a will or not, there are different procedures as to how an Estate is administered after their passing. There are many requirements to deal with various financial institutions, Revenue and the Probate office and this can be a somewhat daunting prospect for a recently bereaved person to address.      

•    Niall J. Moran solicitors will explain the process and prepare all the necessary documentation to ensure that the Estate of a loved one is gathered in and distributed in accordance with their wishes as expeditiously and efficiently as possible.