Niall J. Moran Solicitors provide a wide range of conveyancing & property legal services

The following areas are covered.

•    Purchases and sales of Residential Property;
•    Purchases and sales of Commercial Properties;
•    Tenant Purchase Schemes from the Local Authority;
•    Purchases under the Housing (Rebuilding Ireland Home Loans) Scheme
•    Purchases and sales of sites;
•    Self-Build Dwelling houses;
•    Mortgages and re-mortgages of property;
•    Voluntary Transfers of property between spouses;
•    Voluntary Transfers of property between parents and children;
•    Rectification of Title issues;
•    Long Leases and Letting Agreements of commercial and residential properties;

Niall J. Moran Solicitors will guide you through each stage of the process, particularly where clients are First-Time Buyers, and provide an estimate of the required fees, costs and outlays at the very outset in order to ensure that you can budget and make provision for all the legal costs associated with the transaction.